Chens full of the Lord’s grace and gentleness

Seeking His word, from morning til evening

Bringing much joy and His peace, endlessness

His reckless love for us, unreasoning

Skillfully she plays the piano and sings

Beautiful songs glorifying the Lord

Each keynote brings joy tugging her heartstrings

Sweet harmony to ears in every chord

Spirit of serving others and headstrong

God’s word is forever her bright north star

Following her sister in the new song

She sings along and plays her bass guitar

How abundant is her love for the Lord

She enters the small gate and narrow path

It leads to ‘ternal life, a saints reward

Walking with her God, along His footpath

Like his sisters, the Lord’s word in their hearts

Raised in God fearing home, evil unknown

Curiosity leads to each own’s arts

Shared among is leadership, but no throne